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Does your business feel good—and is it healthy?



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Does your business feel good?

Does your business feel good?




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Songbird provides holistic business guidance and accountability to help business owners achieve their vision of having a healthy business that feels good—and does good.

Don’t ignore the way you feel, it can lead you to great things.

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Are you feeling unsettled?

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Are you feeling “unfulfilled” or “burned out”?

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Are you feeling out of balance in work—and life?

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Do you feel like you're missing an opportunity to make the world a better place?

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Do you feel that your business isn't representing your values?

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Don’t ignore the way you feel, do something about it.

See the benefits

Business can feel good. Believe it!

Getting to a place where business feels good is literally a life changing accomplishment. Everything feels better when business feels good!

We've helped all different kinds of business owners get to this place, however, each one is unique. We call our approach Holistic Business Guidance.

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Our process is easier than you might think.

Yeah, good things take time but they don't have to be hard. Our process is three steps!

We make it easy to get started because we find that getting started is the most difficult part.

See how it works

How we know it works? Because we use it on ourselves.

Songbird was founded by Wes and Annie Rogers out of necessity. Ten years as a CPA Wes did not feel good about business. So we made some changes!

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We will earn your trust.

Working with the finances of large and small companies as a Certified Public Accountant for more than 10 years, we know how important trust is. A relationship of trust is essential to our work. And though you may not know us yet, we promise to quickly earn your trust as we work together and get to know each other.

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If you're asking "Am I ready?" then the answer is yes.

Yes! You're ready. You're ready to feel good about your business.

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Don’t ignore how you feel, do something about it.

See the benefits
Business owners who come to us are struggling in 3 main areas:

Being Effective
When you can’t find time to sit down, much less strategize

On any given day, owners are pulled in 50 different directions; they’re responding, reacting, filling in gaps on the fly. The owners we work with who are struggling with effectiveness can’t find the time or capacity to develop and implement strategic initiatives, or they have developed half-baked strategies based on reacting to the urgent situation at hand.

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Managing Financial Health
When profitability is elusive

Perhaps cashflow is a persistent and nagging issue, or revenue growth has slowed or even stalled completely. Or perhaps, as is commonly the case, owners are walking the tightrope of trying to build new infrastructure to support growth without tanking profitability.

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Aligning Purpose
When you lose the passion for your work

Some owners struggle with the feeling that they are running out of time to do their life’s work. More often than not, they feel a disconnect between the work they do and the kind of life they want to live; their personal values are not aligned with their business and work life.

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The Benefits

Imagine the possibilities... think of the benefits of feeling good about your business.

For your life.

You’re more engaged, productive, healthier and happier. You feel balanced and invigorated. You’re confident and grounded in your work and why you do it.

For your business.

Your business success is balanced between profits and purpose, and aligns with your values. You're focused on the right numbers and feel empowered to create positive impact.

For your future.

Your business is sustainable and resilient. It is a true reflection of not only you, but your potential: the best version of you. Your passion and professional ambition converge, making you perfectly positioned to create real positive change in your community and in the world.

Our Approach

We’ll help you go from

(a) unfulfilled

(b) burned out

to feeling


We'll help you go from unfulfilled and burned out to feeling good.
  • Step 1

    Establish your foundation

    Thoroughly assess the health of your business. Align your values, vision, why, and mission.

  • Step 2

    Make a Plan

    Develop strategies and a timeline. Identify goals and key numbers to track.

  • Step 3

    Move Forward Together

    Commit to regular check-ins to maintain accountability and stay on track.

It’s time to feel good about your business

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1. Reach out by filling out this form so we can set up a time to talk

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2. Get a fresh, outside perspective into why your business doesn’t feel good

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3. Create and implement a plan that works—with regular accountability and hands-on guidance

Why Songbird

What is Holistic Business Guidance?

Holistic business guidance is a 3-step process designed to help owners recognize and systematically address issues relating to effectiveness, financial health, and/or aligning their purpose in their business.

Business owners turn to Songbird because we offer something unique: a model that combines the expertise of a CPA, the strategic eye of a consultant, the partnership of a coach, and the high level vision of an advisor into one cohesive process. Our goal as guides is to draw out the knowledge, passion, and expertise of owners, to empower them to make positive steps forward, and then to support them every step of the way. 

Many businesses are good at developing strategies, but only a few – between 20-25% –  actually develop processes for executing their strategies, essentially rendering them worthless.  

In other words, it’s in the follow-through where business owners fall short, often sacrificing revenue, peace of mind, and work/life balance in the process. The holistic business guidance process offers a customizable method with baked-in accountability to ensure owners start off right AND stay on track.

In addition to holistic business guidance, we also offer traditional CPA-advised accounting services like tax preparation and projections, payroll, sales tax calculation, and bookkeeping to clients. Because even the most mundane aspects of your business should align with your purpose.

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Why it works

Holistic Business Guidance focuses on:


Aligned foundational principles: values, vision, and why


A responsive plan designed to measure, monitor, and evaluate progress.


Execution through accountability with a partner that gives hands-on guidance.

Where business feels good
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Quote Image for Ann C Brown

Ann C Brown

Plato’s Closet, Asheville

“As a first-time small-business owner, I quickly grew to trust Wes as he helped me launch my business accounting practices in a way that was easy and understandable. Wes’ work allowed me to get on with my business instead of becoming weighed down with accounting details. He also helps me assess my business from a broader perspective than simply an accounting viewpoint. He thinks through the logistics of my business based on the historical data so I can make strategic decisions, ensuring my resources are used wisely.”

Jason Brake

Jason Brake Murals, Swannanoa

“The [holistic business guidance] process really gave me perspective about my business. I’m very passionate about my work, but the business side doesn’t come naturally; I typically avoid things I know I should be doing. Wes and I discussed and broke things down into what felt like doable steps for me to take. Having an outside voice gave fresh thoughts but also proved to be helpful with my accountability. Having Wes as a partner gave me incentive to approach my business with the same passion that I do my work. The best way I could sum up the process is to say that it’s like business therapy.”

Jimmy Wheeler

Asheville City Soccer Club

“Wes has given me peace of mind in running my business. He is always available, always professional and will figure out the answer to any tax or strategic planning question you have. Knowing that the taxes and books are in order, especially for someone without a tax background, lets me focus on my business and not the tax issues.”

Who We Are

Hello! We’re Wes and Annie Rogers, founders of Songbird.

We understand how unsettling it is when business doesn’t feel good—even when on the outside a lot of things appear to be going well.

Waking up each morning already bogged down with the million small things on your to-do list, feeling light years away from the reason you started your business in the first place. Working hard toward a vision that’s become blurred or irrelevant or out of reach. Feeling like your business is missing something essential, or just doesn’t align with your life.

We’ve been there… and literally made it our business to find and create a solution for ourselves and other business owners we knew.

Wes started out on his path to becoming a CPA over a decade ago not because he loved to crunch numbers, or prepare tax returns, or solve complex accounting puzzles. (Well, maybe that last one…a little bit) After completing his undergraduate work in business and entrepreneurship, he chose accounting with the specific purpose of pursuing a deep understanding of the thing that is most complex for business owners, so that he could use his skill to help his community thrive. He started off in accounting firms, but late one night when he found himself tiptoeing through piles of client files splayed on the office floor of a business-suit clad partner who maybe would sleep in his office that night, Wes knew that life would never be for him. He kept working at firms, dreaming about striking out on his own until opportunity came knocking: his friend and mentor told him she was looking for a buyer for her accounting business. And before he was really ready (if that’s a thing), Wes was a business owner himself.

That was 8 years ago, and the road since has been full of the twists and turns that are familiar to all business owners, including the ever-present feeling that what he was doing everyday– tax work, mainly –  though he was good at it, and enjoyed his clients, just wasn’t aligning with the “why” of what led Wes to accounting in the first place. Through the years, he researched advisory-based accounting practices, seeking mentorship and guidance from some of the pioneers of the industry. He learned a lot, and along the way tested elements of advisory work with his business clients.  

His vision for Songbird was taking shape, but knowing that accountability would be the lynchpin to the success of his vision, Wes hired Annie, a career non-profit program manager. Together, they began in earnest putting into practice the Holistic Business Guidance process Wes had been studying and cultivating for years. And it worked.

Or rather, it is working, everyday.

Songbird works because we’re working the process ourselves. We started by establishing our foundation – our values, vision, and why – and are using this foundation to set, measure, and evaluate actionable strategies. Every step we take in this business is rooted in this foundation, and is in service to creating the life we envision for ourselves.

We believe that the simplest solution is the best solution; that vulnerability and bravery lead to breakthroughs, and that business should be collaborative and joyful. We look forward to walking this path with you.

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